Under the moon in the warm air

On a terraced oasis of simple hewn stone
Is a canopied silk bed where you lie prone
I sit at a plain table of olives, oil and bread
Watching the desert wind caress you toe to head

You awake now and rise to me slowly
And I to you, intentions united wholly
Our passions play out, pulsating and pure
Eyes entranced, locked together by fervour

Now we stand, hand to hand, lip to lip
Hand to my chest and hand to your hip
No doubt or double think in us, only do
As entangled am I, and enthralled are you


The heart is a portal to outer space

Nowhere, nothing, patches of void
places the curse of flesh has destroyed
Forgotten memories, left on a shelf

Was it a lapse within your mind?
Or did you purpose to leave behind
leafed ledgers you once claimed to self?

Where you stand, I do not know
but where am I, darkness does grow
Was everything said to yourself a lie?

Though you, in woe, did hesitate
and through my strife bid me to wait
the flower wilted, languishing did die

Gone forever with your azurith eyes
as the onyx void takes me more each rise
The curse is a cunning, devouring maw

And where I stand? by this old shelf
hexed by left memories of yourself
destroying the last of what you saw

As into the void slowly I draw